Cross Platform Migration

Are you looking for SAP hardware migration solutions? You’ve landed on the right page. At Best Solutions, we offer seamless SAP migration solutions. We are a niche SAP consulting service providers offering customized solutions for companies in all types of industries. Our team consists of highly experienced SAP experts, who have many years of experience in various industries. Our aim is to provide the “best” services to our clients, and implement a cost-effective system that optimizes your business process and improves business performance and productivity. Apart from migration services, we also provide SAP hardware upgrade services. So, if you are looking for a service provider that can take care of all your SAP systems, migration, and upgradation, we offer a one-stop-solution for all your requirements.
The most important reasons for SAP migration are better productivity and performance and more cost savings. If you have made any changes in your business process or are having any problems with your 3rd party vendors, you can opt for a better SAP system. When you make changes to your operational procedures or add/remove admins from the system, then you can update the SAP operational system. The other reasons to go for SAP hardware migration solutions are better user experience, easy configuration, and simplified IT system.
While migrating data from one SAP system to another, care should be taken to ensure that there is no loss of data. So, you should carefully checkout the various options offered by SAP consultant and their effects before you go for SAP hardware upgrade or migration. Avail effective and efficient SAP hardware migration solutions offered by Technosys.

Transition / Migration

  • New Hardware
  • New Operating System
    • Linux and Redhat
    • HP Unix
    • IBM-AIX
    • Solaris
    • OS/400
    • Windows
  • Different Database Software
    • to SAP HANA
    • to Sybase
    • to Oracle
    • to SAP Max DB
    • to DB2, DB/400
    • to MS SQL